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Sweet Haven 3 has been blessed with Elder Bobby J. Butler, a dedicated Pastor who serves God's people through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Butler understands that the needs of the people are many, and that it takes many people to meet those needs. Therefore, God blessed Sweet Haven 3 with a staff of dedicated and loving individuals who have committed their time, talents, and treasures to minister to the needs of Sweet Haven 3.


In 1987, God touched the heart of Nathaniel Johnson and told him to "build a house unto my name." The thought was pondered over for many months and found to be of God. The Bible says in Mark 8:34 "whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me." It wasn't easy, but Elder Johnson was obedient; he left all to follow Christ!

On August 9, 1987, Sweet Haven Holy Church of God #3 was established in Watertown, NY. The search for a place to worship for Sweet Haven was not an easy task. After many disappointments, God touched the hearts of the Mennoinite members. They allowed the Sweet Haven family the use of the sanctuary. There were many busy months, but Elder Johnson stood the test of time. Through much hard and good leadership, Elder Johnson and Sweet Haven members saved enough money to purchase a piece of land. There were three sites selected, but none were by God. Remember Abraham thought that was the place where God had sent him, but it wasn't. Well, as you can see those selected sites were not where God wanted the church to be built. God showed Elder Johnson the place where Sweet Haven now stands, and it was so. In July of 1990, Sweet Haven H.C.O.G. #3 was finally completed and worship services began.

In later years, Elder Johnson was ordained Bishop and made Vice-Bishop of the Holy Church of God. Then later he became Bishop of the work. In 1995, Elder Bobby J. Butler was installed as assistant pastor of Sweet Haven Holy Church of God #3. In the absence of Bishop Johnson, Elder Butler continued to carry on the vision. In 1996, Elder Butler was entrusted as Pastor of Sweet Haven #3. Even though the "driver" has changed, the vision has not changed. Under the leadership of Pastor Butler, Sweet Haven #3 has continued to build upon the foundation of the church vision, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

We are truly thankful to the Lord for giving Bishop Nathaniel C. Johnson the vision to establish this church, and then entrusting the role of Pastorship to Elder Bobby J. Butler. The membership at Sweet Haven #3 has grown to over 200+ members and continues to grow as the Lord guides Pastor Butler to lead the people. May the Lord continues to bless the Sweet Haven Family!